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Donjs Mythics et mythic+ , lockouts

Publié : dim. sept. 11, 2016 2:05 pm
par Boarson
Ce genre de question revient souvent, voici les infos que j'ai pu trouver qui me paraissent interessantes. Ca date de la beta, n'hesitez pas à ajouter/corriger

Regular Mythic dungeons function like heroic dungeons but on a weekly loot lockout. You can do each dungeon on Mythic once a week for loot. There is no timer or anything, just a harder version of a heroic dungeon. Upon completing your first Mythic dungeon of the week, you will receive a Keystone that says the name of one of the dungeons and Level 2 on it (Level 1 is just regular mythic).

Mythic dungeons+
So you go to that dungeon and instead of just killing shit you put your keystone in the little pedestal at the entrance and it adds damage and hp to the mobs inside the instance, as well as putting you on a timer. If you complete the dungeon within the timer, your keystone will be upgraded to Level 3, 4, or 5, depending on how fast you completed it, and it will point to a different dungeon (though its possible it could be the same dungeon, its totally random it seems). You get a loot chest containing one item of loot per person from the dungeon, and for each extra upgrade on your keystone, you get an extra loot chest (so if you went really fast and upgraded from 2 to 5 you'd get 3 loot chests, each containing loot from a specific level, so one with Level 2 loot, one with Level 3 loot, and one with Level 4 loot).

Currently each Mythic level slightly upgrades the gear it drops. At Level 4, you get an affix on your keystone. This gives the mobs in the instance abilities like enraging at low hp, buffing mobs around them on death, dropping damage pools on the ground on death, spawning shit under casters in your group, debuffing incoming healing on the tank, healing absorbs for overhealing, etc. Level 7 adds a second affix to the keystone. These affixes are the same for everyone each week, so everyone will get Raging at 4 and Teeming at 7 or something. At Level 10 you get a third affix that's either Fortified (Trash mobs have a LOT more hp and damage) or Tyrannical (Boss mobs have a LOT more hp and damage). This is a pretty huge jump in difficulty to expect to get stuck here. This is also where gear begins to match Mythic raid gear in ilvl.

When you fail the timer but still complete the dungeon, you get 1 chest of loot, but your keystone becomes depleted and doesn't upgrade to a new level/give you a new dungeon. You have to rerun the same dungeon within the timer for no loot to upgrade it again, for a max of a 1 level upgrade. Then you get a new dungeon/level and can go again as normal. You can rerun the same failed dungeon as many times as you like to try and upgrade, but you won't receive loot for it. Hope that helps.

On Tuesday you'll receive a chest in your order hall with a piece of gear from any Mythic+ dungeon, who's ilvl is based on the highest completed level the week previous. This ilvl scales slightly faster than the loot chests from dungeon (Mythic raid gear from 10 or 11 iirc, whereas the end of dungeon loot chests match Mythic raid gear around 13(?)). This chest also contains a new keystone for the week that's level is a fraction (around 2/3) of the highest you completed the previous week. You can still run regular mythic dungeons for their weekly loot but you'll only get that one keystone from your chest.

Publié : sam. sept. 17, 2016 2:01 am
par Mort
Merci !

Publié : lun. sept. 26, 2016 2:13 pm
par Mearwen ... d-dungeons

Un bon guide qui explique tout.

Pour info l'augmentation des dégats / Pv dans l'instance:
2 +8%
3 +17%
4 +26%
5 +36%
6 +45%
7 +59%
8 +71%
9 +85%
10 +100%

Publié : lun. sept. 26, 2016 3:09 pm
par Boarson
ca promet de piquer